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Board of Directors

Acting Chairman of the Board of Directors and Independent Board of Director 

  • Mr. CH.KHASHCHULUUN - Associate Professor of the National University of Mongolia


Board Directors:

  • Mr. A.ENKHJIN - Director General, Reserve Management Financial Markets Department, Bank of Mongolia 
  • Mr. L.TEMUUJIN  - Director of the Treasury Department of the Development Bank of Mongolia   
  • Mr. T.DAVAAJAV - Director of Treasury Department of Trade and Development Bank
  • Mr. B.UURTSAIKHBAATAR. - CEO of Capitron bank
  • Mrs. N.SERGELEN -  
  • Mr. M.MUNKHBAATAR -  Consultant of "Asia Diversified Real Estate Fund One" LLC


Independent Board Directors:

  • Mr. E.SHIJIR - Project Manager of Mining and Metallurgy complex project 
  • Mr. U.GANZORIG - Chairman of the Board of “Mandal daatgal” JSC 
Board committees

Nomination and Remuneration Committee

The Nomination and Remuneration Committee is responsible for nominating, electing and removing Board members; extending terms of office; determining the remuneration policy for our Board, the management team, and other authorized persons of the company; and making decisions on matters related to human resource planning and the creation of stable working conditions.

Chairman of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee: Ch.Khashchuluun
Members: E. Shijir, U.Ganzorig,


Finance and Audit Committee

Finance and Audit Committee is responsible for developing, implementing and monitoring our internal controls system and examines the sufficiency and accuracy of our financial reporting, internal controls, and risk management activities.  Our Finance and Audit Committee also monitors the preparation and execution of our Company budget as well as the conclusion of major transactions and conflict of interest transactions. Moreover, our Finance and Audit Committee monitors all aspects of the financial management of our Company including the agreements, investments, and securities of our Company.  Our internal audit department assesses potential risks to our operations and reports and presents recommendations to the Finance and Audit Committee.

Chairman of the Finance and Audit Committee:  E.Shijir 
Members: Ch.Khashchuluun, U.Ganzorig, T.Davaajav 


Risk Management Committee

The Risk Management Committee is responsible for assessing the sufficiency of risk management policies and procedures in our day-to-day operations.  The committee analyzes our risk profile and identifies future and existing risks and develops, implements and monitors our risk management framework, including preparing contingency plans in relation to risk management.

Chairman of the Risk Management Committee: A.Enkhjin,
Members: B. Uurtsaikhbaatar, L.Temuujin, N.Sergelen


Sustainable Development Committee

Our Sustainable Development Committee is responsible for developing the Company’s sustainable development policies, strategies and objectives, as well as continuous enhancement of performance, monitoring metrics, targets and reporting.

Chairwoman of the Sustainable Development Committee: N.Sergelen 
Members: A.Enkhjin, E.Shijir