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Compliance is

Compliance is the concept of monitoring and ensuring that the company's business activities are carried out in accordance with relevant laws, other regulations established by regulatory bodies, and international standards, regulations, and agreements.

ISO 37301:2021 International Compliance Management Standard

The Mongolian Mortgage Corporation, a financial institution that promotes the development of the secondary mortgage market and facilitates asset-backed securitization, has successfully implemented the ISO 37301:2021 International Compliance Management Standard in its operations.

Сompliance policy
  • The company's compliance management system is implemented within the framework of Mongolian laws, international standards, and ethical norms, respecting the needs, requirements, and interests of the regulatory authorities, investors, shareholders, bondholders, customers, and interested parties, and implemented and regularly improved by goals and values.
  • The company will implement compliance activities based on the principle of independence, determine the responsibilities for monitoring, and comply with the company's structure.
  • All employees of the company shall be responsible for their own compliance duties, follow the policies, procedures, and instructions of the compliance management system, and habituate the culture of compliance.
  • The company will regularly provide training, information, and recommendations related to compliance activities.
  • The company will establish and implement the control system, and it is necessary to evaluate and improve the implementation of the compliance management systems.
Compliance management system

The Compliance unit works within the following 3 main functions: