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Who We Are

MIK group company consists of MIK Holding JSC (MIK Holding), Mortgage Corporation HFC LLC (MIK HFC), and 25 SPCs. Our operations are conducted in Mongolia, with the aim to develop the secondary mortgage market.

MIK Holding is a joint stock company listed on the Mongolian Stock Exchange (MSE: MIK). In 2015, it was established as the parent company of MIK HFC through a share-swap agreement by the shareholders. Its principal activities are conducted through MIK HFC.

MIK HFC is a Housing Finance Company, with special licenses obtained from the Financial Regulatory Commission (FRC), allowing it to issue Asset-Backed Securities (products) and provide Trust Deed and Transaction Administration services.

At the end of 2019, MIK Holding reported total assets of MNT4.1 trillion and equity of MNT262 billion.



Our mission is to promote development of the primary and secondary mortgage markets by issuing and selling mortgage backed securities on domestic and international capital markets, and to establish a long-term financing structure in Mongolia that would provide the population with affordable housing and support modern urban development in the country.

Group Company Structure


"MIK Holding" JSC had 218 shareholders as of September 30, 2021