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Compliance Department is in charge of running compliance operations within the Company. As a part of its operations, the Department has established Know-Your-Customer system under the scope of fighting and preventing from Money laundering and terrorist financing, and applying on-going monitoring and reporting.

Definition of Compliance​:

Anti-money laundering and combating the terrorist financing operations

Following legislations have been complied in fighting Money laundering and terrorism financing:

  • Law on Anti-Money laundering and combating terrorism financing;
  • FATF /Financial Action Task Force / Guidelines;
  • Operational Procedure to prevent from Money laundering and terrorism financing.


Following actions have been implemented within the Company according to Anti-Money laundering and combating terrorism financing operations:

  • Know Your Customer analysis;
  • Regular update to list of Politically exposed people;
  • Comply with amendments of related regulations;
  • Organize trainings for Company employees to inform them about their roles and obligations in the process of Anti-Money laundering and terrorism financing;
  • Compliance Officers attend trainings to improve their knowledge and skills;
  • Deliver required compliance reports to authorized organisations;
Criterias of “Know Your Customer” analysis:

The Company is providing relevant information to the Financial Information Unit of the Bank of Mongolia and the Financial Regulatory Commission, and ensures confidentiality of internal and external reporting.