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MIK raises MNT 4 billion from the domestic OTC market

Today, on April 4, 2024, the Mongolian Mortgage Corporation (MIK) successfully raised MNT 4 billion through the "MIK BOND 2101-36" Tranche 3 on the domestic OTC market. TDB Securities LLC helped in making this happen as the main underwriter.

Back in December 2021, MIK issued a bond worth USD 12 million, making it the first time a USD bond was offered to professional investors on the domestic OTC market. Just this February, MIK raised "Tranche 2" bonds valued at 8.5 billion MNT on the domestic OTC market.

Following resolution No. 21/34 from December 22, 2021, by the Mongolian Securities Traders Association, MIK set up a bond program of MNT 150 billion in the domestic OTC market. This program aims to gather funds to buy loan packages, debt management, and support MIK's regular business activities.