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9,333 mortgage loans were securitized

MIK packaged and securitized 9,333 mortgage loans issued by commercial banks for MNT 661 billion and gave the opportunity to issue new loans. By trading mortgage-backed securities on the secondary market, short-term loans issued by the Bank of Mongolia and commercial banks have a term of up to 30 years.

The USD bond raised from the international capital market was paid

In 2019, MIK raised 300 million USD in bonds from the international capital market to increase financing for housing with market interest rates. The bond was refinanced during the pandemic, and a 250 million USD bond was issued. According to the schedule, MIK fully paid the remaining amount to the investors in January 2022. Representing Mongolia's private sector, MIK gained international investors' trust in the stock market and achieved the international standard of trading bonds totaling 550 million US dollars.





Contributed to reducing the harmful effects of the pandemic

Since the outbreak of "Covid-19" pandemic in Mongolia, there have been five decisions to defer the payment of residential mortgage loans implemented by the government, and 88.4 percent of the granted loans, or a total of 57.8 thousand households and borrowers, have deferred their payments. During the 32 months of deferred loan payments, MIK paid MNT 401.7 billion (in cash and payables) of coupons to bondholders from the company's reserve fund, which shows that the mortgage housing financing system can bear a certain amount of risk.


A social responsibility project has been implemented

"Cumulus Clouds" (1977) by the award-winning artist M.Butemj, and "Skipping of Capitalism" (1961) by People's Artist and State Awardee B.Amgalan, which are valuable works of Mongolian fine art, have been restored and delivered to the Mongolian Art Gallery with MIK's support.

Also, MIK donated the necessary equipment to the Emergency Department of the First State Central Hospital.






Participated in regional housing financing meeting

Participated in the meeting of the members of the International Secondary Mortgage Market Association (ISMMA) and the Asian Secondary Mortgage Market Association (ASMMA) and made suggestions and solutions on issues such as future trends of housing financing, sustainable financing, green housing, etc.

MIK cooperates with similar organizations in many countries and regions to strengthen the development of the primary and secondary housing finance markets and to introduce good practices in Mongolia.


The international rating agency has assessed its credit rating

Since 2018, MIK has been continuously evaluated by international credit rating agencies. "Moody's" and "S&P Global" agencies conducted a detailed analysis and assigned the same level as Mongolia's credit rating, B3 or stable and B-/B stable, respectively.


International good practices have been introduced

MIK has implemented three types of international standards in its operations.

For the 8th year at the corporate group level, the company has received the certificate confirming the information security standard "ISO27001:2013" for the first time in Mongolia.

A Two-stage audit of the "ISO31000:2018" risk management standard was conducted, implemented, and received the certificate.

The 1st stage external audit of the compliance management system "ISO37301:2021" standard has been completed, and the audit report has been received and put into operation.