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Works of art that have passed the test of time and become a spiritual heritage are embedded with the unique value of history. As a precursor to this, the Mongolian Mortgage Corporation (MIK) implemented the "The Reborn Legacy" project to restore damaged works of art stored in the golden treasury of the National Art  Gallery of Mongolia.

In 2021, the Mongolian Mortgage Corporation planned to carry out socially responsible activities as part of its 15th anniversary, and “The Reborn Legacy” project was one of those activities. Within the framework of the project, in March 2022, the restoration work of the precious works of the Mongolian Art Gallery's repertoire such as "Cumulus Clouds" and "Skipper of Capitalism" started. The project was completed successfully and the Chief Executive Officer of MIK, B.Gantulga handed over the restored artworks to B.Sarantuya, the director of the National Art Gallery of Mongolia.

B. Sarantuya, director of the National Art Gallery of Mongolia, said, "For certain reasons, the works of art have been damaged to a greater or lesser extent. We approached the public by initiating the "Art Work Adoption Program" to restore the works. This program was supported by the Bank of Mongolia for the first time, and the charity campaign was implemented in the banking and financial sector, and the famous painting "Altain Mountains" by People's Artist L. Gavaa was restored and edited. "Today, we are happy to receive the 7th and 8th restored works," she emphasized in her opening speech.

B.Gantulga, chief executive officer of the Mongolian Mortgage Corporation HFC LLC, said, “Restored paintings are a great cultural heritage. It is our duty at this time to protect and pass on the masterpieces of 1961 and 1977 to the future generations. Perhaps what distinguishes Mongolia from the rest of the world is its cultural heritage, especially painting. As part of our social responsibility, we have contributed to the restoration of these works of art. In the past, many voluntary works were carried out, such as refurnishing and providing new equipments for hospitals, as part of social responsibility”.

People's artist B. Amgalan's 1961 work "Skipper of Capitalism" 100x70 cm Gouache, paper

About 900 works of fine art were damaged to a greater or lesser extent due to the fire and other reasons that occurred in the Mongolian Art Gallery in 2008 and 2009. The gallery has organized proposals for the restoration of damaged artworks with the support of foreign and domestic organizations, enterprises, and individuals, and about 600 works have been restored. However, there are more than 300 paintings that  need to be restored or recreated. Among them, MIK chose "Cumulus Clouds" (1977) by M.Butemj, the Honored Artist of Mongolia and Union of Mongolian Craftsmen award-winning artist, and “Skipper of Capitalism” (1961) by B.Amgalan, people’s artist and state awardee. Talented artists from the Cultural Heritage Restoration Center have worked for months on the restoration process.

Honored artist of Mongolia M. Butemj's 1977 work "Cumulus Clouds" 145x180cm, oil on canvas

The restored works are not only rare works stored in the Gallery but also representative of the paintings of the 1960s and 1970s when the development of fine art underwent a special transition. For example, between the late 1960s and 1980s, artists and craftsmen began to create works by combining western painting techniques with traditional painting techniques.

D. Nyamdorj, chief restorer of the Cultural Heritage Center

Thus, as a result of the social responsibility and investment of MIK, the initiative and cooperation of the Mongolian Art Gallery, and the skills of the restoration artists, the lost works of visual art were "reborn" and will enlighten future generations of Mongolia for decades to come and preserve the value of history.