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Mongolian Mortgage Corporation participates in the Asian Conference on "Green Housing Development and Financing."

Mongolian Mortgage Corporation (MIK) is a professional organization that contributes to developing the primary and secondary markets of housing financing in Mongolia and the stable housing financing system.

In the framework of these goals, MIK joins and cooperates with professional associations of similar organizations to exchange experience. This time, the regular meeting of Asian Secondary Mortgage Market Association (ASMMA) member organizations is being held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on September 21-23, 2022, and several events are being organized. For example, the Asian Conference on "Green Housing Development and Financing" is jointly organized by the Ministry of Finance of Malaysia and the National Mortgage Corporation of Malaysia. The conference brought together housing finance and sustainable development experts and policymakers from all over Asia to discuss sustainable green housing, new trends in green finance development, challenges and solutions, and financing sustainable and affordable housing through capital markets.

Also, B. Gantulga, the CEO of "Mongolian Mortgage Corporation HFC" LLC, participated in the regular meeting of the Asian Mortgage Secondary Market Association (ASMMA) and discussed the development of the secondary mortgage market in Mongolia, the measures taken during the pandemic and housing. He presented a report on issues such as changes in the financing system and market information and shared his experience with organizations with a common goal in the region.

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