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On May 13th, 2019, “Bloomberg TV Mongolia Awards” was held at Shangri La hotel, Ulaanbaatar. The purpose of this event is to raise global exposure for businesses that have displayed excellent achievements in the economic, business and financial sectors and have been recognized to have had real positive effects on Mongolia’s development.

Bloomberg TV has been organizing this awards ceremony since 2013, awards were handed out in 10 different categories.

 “Deal of the year award” nominees were Development bank of Mongolia $500 million bond, Mongolian Mortgage Corporation $300 million bond, Mongolian Mining Corporation $440 million bond and the award went to Mongolian Mortgage Corporation.  

M.Munkhbaatar, Chairman of the board of director of MIK Holding JSC highlights “Mongolian Mortgage Corporation has been many pioneers in its history. As a result of our 1 year and 6 months’ work, we have successfully issued $300 million on the international capital market and its first time in Asia made this type of transaction. In 2008, there was a mortgage market of $153 million in Mongolia, and today it has become a major mortgage market of $1.8 billion today. Our achievement is the result of collaboration with Bank of Mongolia, the Financial Regulatory Commission, and Government. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all of the government leaders and colleagues who worked with the company for the past 13 years”.

Mongolian Mortgage Corporation successfully raised USD250.0 million worth of bonds on the international capital market. The bond’s annual coupon is 9.75% with a tenor of 3 years. due to the strong demand of the bond MIK priced additional USD50 million and it reached a total of USD300.0 million. It became the first private company to issue a mortgage bond and pioneer in Asia.